Reset Windows Password

Reset Windows Password

A bootable CD to reset Windows account passwords

Reset Windows Password is a Windows based bootable CD that allows you to reset passwords of Windows accounts even if it is a local administrator password or a simple user password.

This software program works on any version of Windows operating systems except Windows 95 and 98. With Reset Windows Password, you can gain access to any system and retrieve the password.

This tool helps mainly in cases where you have forgotten an account password or the account has been hacked or locked. This product actually clears Windows password information to gain access to the system and is easy to use.

Once run from the boot menu, this application detects any operation system installed on your system, locates password information files and then erases the information so you cannot log onto your computer with a blank password.

This software program can also reset the master password of a Firefox application. In short, Reset Windows Password is a useful utility too for users who need to access their computer but have forgotten or lost their password.

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